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Chinese area rugs  
Chinese area rugs Chinese area rugs prior to 1975 were almost exclusively made for internal consumption because they were so sheltered from European and western influences and tend to be very ethnically Chinese. Chinese area rugs prior to 1935 include Peking, Nichols & Fette and are considered antique area rugs. The Peking area rugs are known for depicting Chinese symbols and designs used for hundreds of years. Nichols designs are influenced by the Art Deco era and Fette style Chinese rugs are characterized by their reproduction of the Peking design with a European influence. After 1975 , the Chinese start weaving rugs influenced by the different market demand. This includes Chinese made European styles like Abussons and Savonnerie rugs, or Persian styles like Kashan and finer silk rugs such as Persian Qums. Below you can see the entire collection of authentic Chinese area rugs made for today's market.

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