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Hardwood Flooring Glossary List

Hardwood Flooring

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 Glossary of wood flooring terms:

Following is a partial list of terms associated with hardwood flooring that a retail salesperson or installer may com across and should have complete understanding.

ACRYLIC: The generic name for wood-plastic composites utilizing wood impregnated with acrylic monomers and polymerized within the wood cells by gamma irradiation. Some versions are cured by heat radiation.

AIR DRIED: wood that is dried by exposure to air in a yard or shed without artificial heat.

ALUMINUM OXIDE: Refers to one of the most durable finishes for wood flooring. It can only be factory-applied. This finish is highly abrasion resistant but slightly clouds the wood's color and grain.

BOW: The distortion of lumber in which there is a deviation in a direction perpendicular to the flat face-from a straight line from end to end of the piece.

BURL: A swirl or twist of the grain of the wood that usually occurs near a knot but.

CARB: The California Air Resources Board a department of the California Environmental Protection Agency also the term used for the regulation passed by the board that puts highly restrictive limits on formaldehyde emissions in wood. It took effect Jan.1 and consists of two main phases that will-be implemented through July 1, 2012.

COMPRESSION SET: Caused when wood absorbs excess moisture and expands so much that the cells along the edges of adjoining pieces in the floor are crushed. This causes them to loose resiliency and creates cracks when the floor returns to its normal moisture content.

CROWNING: A convex or crowned condition is appearance of individual boards where the center of the board higher than the edges.

CUPPING: A concave or dished appearance of individual board with the edges raised above the center.

DELAMINATION: The separation of layers in an engineered board through failure within the adhesive or at the bond between adhesive and wood.

DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: The ability to maintain the original intended
dimension little or no expansion and contraction when influenced by humidity swings.
Some species are more dimensionally stable than others. In addition, engineered flooring products are substantially more stable than their solid counterparts.

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